And it all started with a pillow

14 Feb

I don’t know how other people start their design craze.

I have tried looking for patterns in the genius of or but I can’t figure out what makes them turn those dreary before’s into dazzling after’s.

Mine started with a chair. A beautiful black upholstered chair that has slightly luminescent fabric and would look beautiful in the study/reading room I have planned in my head. The only problem? It cost $700. So until I can justify not needing any basic utilities such as water and electricity, it is out of the question.

Same with our bedroom. One small piece has defined the kind of room I have decided to create. And, as the heading suggests, it was a pillow.

Specifically, it is a logan and mason “Izzy” European pillow case in Aqua blue. And I’m in love.

As it stands, our current bedroom is very boring. It is very monochrome, minus a feature wall we painted when we had our old bedroom set:

And while at the time, I was really into the dramatic black and white, I have a very different (more colour inclusive taste).

The pillow case comes in a good mix of colours

I think the silver and lime would look great in a room with wood furniture, the fuchsia and grape in a girls room, or even pairing the red and black in a dramatic and luxurious boudoir style room.

I really love how cheerful the colour is. I am just waiting on the new bedspread to arrive to join it and brighten up the place. Then all I need is new curtains and a good coat of paint!

Source list:
I bought mine of ebay, but the pillow case is available in all colours here:


2 Responses to “And it all started with a pillow”

  1. Robyn March 22, 2011 at 9:48 AM #

    Ooh, I’ve also had my eye on these pillows, but I’ve seen them in Spotlight. Visiting via A Beach Cottage.

    • crystalshome March 29, 2011 at 5:46 AM #

      Yay!! My first comment!!

      I love this pillow. Plus it flutters when the fan is on, which the cat appreciates!

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