Desk-y Business

19 Feb

These are the kind of study/home libraries I would like to find when I open the door to our home:

by Burnham Designby Modern Chic Home


But at the moment, I am walking into this:


It’s fine, it’s functional, but it’s just so meh.

I want to add some long draping curtains, wall art,  some floating shelves for the books and a new desk. Not asking for much, huh?

So rather than throwing a tantrum at the room for not changing itself while I was out at work, I figured I would be proactive. I started with the desk.

Not sure what I wanted, just something smaller with a drawer,  headed over to and found this for a mere forty dollars:

I wanted a battered looking desk, with a work finish.

I started by painting the whole thing silver:

Then there was a coat of JoSonja’s Decor Crackle and left until it was touch dry, followed by a coat of British Paints Craft in Black Matt.

Finally it was time to glaze (you can ship this step if you don’t mind some more cracking) with JoSonja’s Clear Glaze Medium and JoSonja’s Matte Varnish. I added a Prestige 96mm Twist handle in Pewter and voila! (ignore the cords – I need to find a stylish cable management solution.


I love how much it opens up the area!

Source List:
Desk bought from seller at
JoSonja’s Decor Crackle, Clear Glaze Medium and Clear Varnish Matte
British Paints Craft in Matt Blak
Prestige 96mm Twist Handle in Pewter

Total cost: $78!


2 Responses to “Desk-y Business”

  1. Lucia May 30, 2011 at 12:06 AM #

    Wow! Look at you DIY queen – I know you’ll flinch at that and protest, but in my world, you are indeed the queen of DIY as I have never attempted anything that ambitious. Hrm, I sound like a lazy sod. Haha, but seriously….I love it and you make it look so….’do’-able 🙂

    • crystalshome September 27, 2011 at 11:33 AM #

      “Do-able” in my case just means making a whole lot of mistakes until I figure out the right way to do it 🙂

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