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Springtime in The Before Shot

27 Sep

Hello all!

I have been a terrible blogger, haven’t I? I have been in that usual position of life getting in the way.

I got more excited about the actual decorating part of a home decor blog, and forgot the actual blogging part.

That being said, because I have taken so long, I have so many projects to blog about!

This is a short one, with plenty coming up in the next few weeks, as I have decided to make a concerted effort on contributing to this blogworld that I get so much out of.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Melbourne. I spent it cleaning and airing the main bedroom. From our window, I could see one of our two hardy and surprisingly surviving lavender bushes (it’s surprising to me because nearly everything I put in the ground gives up after a couple of days).


Rather than use a fancy vase, I took an old pickle jar I had soaked the label off, and let the lavender speak for itself.

What could be better in a bedroom than freshly washed linens, a jar of lavender fresh from the garden and the springtime breeze rustling the curtains?


Until next time, what have you got growing in your garden?